On December 5th, 2014 the Bozeman City Attorney completed its review of the "cyberstalking" claims brought by the O'Reilly's against myself, Kent Madin, and declared there would be no charges filed. Charges were not "dropped" because charges were never "filed" in the first place. The City Attorney, at the request of the Police and because of the voluminous documentation provided by the O'Reillys, reviewed the investigation file. Based on that review, the decision of the Attorney's Office is that there exists no basis for any charges or any further investigation. Simply put, this entire farcical effort to smear me, Kent Madin, as a cyberstalker had no merit and was a complete waste of time, money and effort by the Police and Attorneys' office, all paid for by the taxpayers of the City of Bozeman.

On May 29, 2015 I was interviewed for roughly 45 minutes by an FBI agent in Bozeman. The O'Reillys, not having found satisfaction in the investigation conducted by the Bozeman Police Department in 2014 (they suggest that an "old boy" network is protecting me) sent their screed to the Washington DC office of the head of Cyber Investigations, who passed the information down the chain to Bozeman. The interview was cordial and, needless to say, I was not arrested nor was there any indication that I would be arrested in the future. It was clear to the agent that I have never threatened the O'Reilly's (or anyone else) and that the questions I have asked were a reflection of my intent to gather factual information as the basis of an article about self-made explorers. The perception by the O'Reilly's that they are being harrassed or stalked or threatened is entirely in their own minds and not a result of any intent on my part. I can only surmise that their alleged "fear" results from knowing that honestly answering the questions posed will show that they have actively embellished and dramatized their own equestrian accomplishments in an effort to prop up their self-appointment as experts. The "threat" that the O'Reilly's feel can be compared to the threat posed by Toto, Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz, when he tugged back the curtain and exposed the "Wizard" for what he was, a charlatan of modest accomplishment. On April 29, 2016, the US Attorney for the State of Montana, having reviewed the files assembled by both the Bozeman Police and the local office of the FBI, declined to prosecute and closed the file.

Now that the wheels of criminal justice have rolled to a conclusion, I offer this open letter to the O'Reilly's.

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The O'Reillys, in whatever undisclosed location they are hiding, should be deeply and permanently ashamed of themselves and their childish histrionics. They owe the Police, City Attorney, Citizens of Bozeman and myself an abject and heartfelt apology. They also owe the US taxpayer and the FBI an apology. This entire episode should be seen for what it really was, a smokescreen of slander created so the O'Reillys could dodge tough questions about their professional claims.

The O'Reilly's are clearly besotted with their own romantic fantasies of themselves as daring explorers and equestrian experts. They have elevated, to high art, pompous bloviation, hysterical hyperbole and intentional misrepresentation of fact in order that the limelight suffuse them and their stated goals.

Read this fine example of "journalism" by Cuchullaine O'Reilly for a sense of how deeply bound to their own bubble of reality the O'Reilly's defiantly remain. This document is, in Cuchullaine's own words "nonsense packaged to look like fact". http://www.cuchullaineoreilly.net/american%20diplomat%20accused%20of%20cyberstalking%20annotated.pdf